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Year II - No 6

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Sunday, 03 June 2007.

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Energy Project of Espirito Santo

 Genserico Encarnação Jr.

 The state of Espirito Santo is promoting through a development agency its articulation with several state and private agencies aiming at energy development in the state. The energy project of Espirito Santo has as one of its main vectors the use of natural gas.

Projection of Fuel Demand for the Otto Cycle in Brazil

Omar Campos Ferreira

The projection has interest for planning of production or of supply of the concerned fuels,  the most appropriate function for the projection is the logistic function. To satisfy the projected demand in the 2013 - 2015 triennium only with C gasoline it would be necessary about 35.1 million m3 of A gasoline and 9.9 million m3 of anhydrous alcohol.

 Carlos Feu Alvim

 As a complement to the previous article in e&e 05, we estimate the cost of the Brazilian international reserves, considering the capital accumulation, and the indirect cost, due to the need of increasing the internal interests rate in order to maintain these reserves.

Brazilian Public Debt

 Carlos Feu Alvim

 The Brazilian public debt is the most sensitive economical parameterto be followed in the present conjuncture. Historical data up to October 1997 are revised. The debt's evolution and its influence in the conjuncture are analyzed.

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